Get more sales from your Landing Pages!

A quick note before you proceed...

Read the complete Checklist once.

Next, use it as a quick 10-minute check against your Sales Page. Check if all the essential elements of Conversion are there at your page or not.

If your Sales Page score 10/10, it is likely to convert very well.

If this quick Checklist helps you get even $100 worth of extra income, it will be worth the effort! So, let’s START…

1. Headline

Do you have a Headline that captures your prospect’s ATTENTION? Your headline should trigger strong emotions. People respond quickly to Fear, and a promise of good outcome (which they already want). Use these to get their attention.

2. Promise a Result

Do you speak about the outcome they’ll get? People are interested in what they will get. Period. Your page should it straightaway. Mention it in the headline or in the sub-headline. And then repeated at least one more time down the page.

3. Benefits List

Do you list out the benefits clearly? In bullet points, preferably. What benefits they will enjoy after they get the promised outcome? Benefits trigger strong emotions, therefore list a few. Note “benefits” are different from “features” of your product!

4. Features List

Have you explained the specific features of your product? Once you have captured their full attention with promise of a result, and its benefits… comes next the features of your product. Explain it, so that they don’t get the surprises when they receive your product.

5. Authority

Have you established your Authority? You can claim authority by showing your experience, or the result you have got in your business, or in your clients business. People want to follow the leaders, and you should claim to be one.

6. Social Proof

Have you placed Testimonials and/or Recommendations at your page? Before they buy, people want to see what others have to say about your product. It reassures them that they will also get similar results.

7. Appropriate Image

Have you placed appropriate graphics, like – Product Image, your Image, and/or graphics describing the features? Whether you need all of them or some – depends on the kind of page you have – a short-form page, or a long-form page.

8. Professional design

Have you got it done by the experts? Have you used any professional template to start with? Minimalistic designs are the new norm. Choose
your colors wisely, keep them a few. Do not clutter the page too much. It should be easy-to-read, because direct-response Sales letters are long-reads.

9. Scarcity / FOMO

Have you added any scarcity element to your Sales Page? Like, is it a limited time Discount, or are you selling limited number of products, or are you offering a limited time bonus, etc. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a strong motivator that leads a person to purchase your product.

10. Payment

Have you made a test purchase? If not, do it and check messaging at every stage of the checkout: on the page, and in the confirmation emails. Is the message at the Checkout page reassuring? Do Customers get the promised product after the payment? Do they also get confirmation emails
with details of the purchase?

So what is your score?

Could you find any element which you can improve to get more conversion from your Sales Funnel?

What Next?

Get Definitive Results...

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